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A partnership to boost skills – and careers

HTP Apprenticeship College is proud to be working in partnership with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust to provide high quality training – designed to help meet the current and future skills needs of the Trust in a challenging economic environment.

Together we will deliver a tailored Apprenticeship that produces real workplace competence and gives staff a structured programme of learning, through which they gain nationally recognised qualifications.

Apprenticeships are no longer just for young people starting their career. They are as valid for employees who need to learn new skills to help them in their own role or to gain skills and knowledge for future career progression.

HTP Apprenticeship College is one of the leading training providers in the country and is recognised by Ofsted as ‘Good’. Our Apprenticeship success rates are well above national averages.

What’s involved in an Apprenticeship?

An Apprenticeship is a way to combine work, training, and study, letting staff ‘earn while they learn’.

Several levels of Apprenticeships are available, depending on the applicant’s existing skills and qualifications: Intermediate Apprenticeship (Level 2), Advanced Apprenticeship (Level 3) and Higher Apprenticeship (Level 4 and 5). Apprenticeships take between 12 and 24 months to complete, depending on the level and type of the Apprenticeship.

General information about Apprenticeships

How will the Apprenticeships be funded?

This programme is fully funded through the Trust’s Apprenticeship Levy. The apprentice is not required to make any financial contribution.

Do the apprentices have to go to college to cover the 20% Off-Job Training (OJT) requirement?

Not necessarily. Unlike with many other Apprenticeship providers, our highly qualified and industry competent Training Consultants come to the workplace or teach online the required skills and knowledge for the Apprenticeship, which contributes towards the 20% Off-the-Job Training requirement.  We run regular drop-in sessions too at the Trust, where apprentices can get additional help and support or meet other learners. They also have access to HTP Apprenticeship College’s high quality online resources, and they (and you as their manager) will be fully supported at all times.

Off-Job Training is an essential and valuable part of all Apprenticeships, providing new skills and knowledge. Off-Job Training activities can include:

  • being taught how to do something new
  • undertake e-learning
  • mentoring / shadowing
  • working towards the knowledge requirements of the Apprenticeship, such as assignment writing
  • Industry visits / lectures

Our job is to plan and monitor the number of required OJT hours.

Why train with HTP Apprenticeship College?

HTP Apprenticeship College is one of the leading training providers in the country and is recognised by Ofsted as ‘Good’. Our Apprenticeship success rates are well above national averages. In addition, flexibility is key to our success – tailored Off-Job Training will be given either in the workplace or at our Portsmouth Campus situated near GunWharf Quays.

What qualifications are available?

Through our partnership with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust we are offering a wide range of professional qualifications, in many sectors. If you have any questions about any aspect of the training, please contact us.

Upskill your staff with our high quality, career-boosting Apprenticeships

Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust, in partnership with HTP Apprenticeship College, has recruited new apprentices and utilised Apprenticeship training since 2011.
Science Services Apprentice

Sandra Valence – Healthcare Science Assistant Level 2 apprentice.

See what Portsmouth NHS staff think about training with HTP.

What about recruiting a new apprentice?

If you want to recruit a new apprentice for your department it must first be agreed by the Trust. To start the process you simply need to complete the form below and Lynn Hansell from the Education Team will liaise with you and HR.

Once this has been approved, HTP Apprenticeship College will provide a fully managed recruitment service in conjunction with HR – saving you time. We will sift all the applications, provide candidates with information, advice & guidance about the position and the Apprenticeship programme. We agree a convenient date for the formal interview and you select the candidate.

Once a successful candidate has accepted and HR have completed the necessary references your new apprentice will be given a start date and a comprehensive workplace induction is agreed.

For those working towards a new Apprenticeship Standard, we will work with you and the apprentice to ensure you know what to expect at the End Point Assessment.

“Working with HTP has made Apprenticeship training and recruiment very easy.  We have been working with HTP for more than seven years and the partnership has gone from strength to strength which continues to bring high levels of success.”

Lynn Hansell

Head of Business Management Education, Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust

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