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What are ‘Cleaning Services’?
Cleaning and Environmental Service professionals make a difference to all our lives, although the work often goes unseen. Cleaners ensure that the places we work in and the public places we use are attractive, safe and hygienic. In hospitals, cleaning staff are at the forefront of controlling the spread of infection, and in many walks of life cleaners ensure a hazard-free environment by ensuring it is safe and clean for the general public.
What’s it like working in Cleaning Services?

You could have general cleaning duties or specialise in certain types of cleaning.
These could include:

  • cleaning carpets and upholstery
  • stripping and re-sealing hard floor coverings
  • cleaning premises where food is prepared
  • industrial cleaning of new buildings
  • cleaning hospital wards
  • house and squat clearance
  • cleaning passenger vehicles
  • cleaning at heights, using either ladders or mobile access equipment
  • clearing up after fires, floods or building work
  • crime scene cleaning

You would need to know which cleaning chemicals to use for each task, and follow safety procedures, for example when using solvents to remove graffiti or oils. You may have to do some simple maintenance of the equipment you use, and check the stock levels of cleaning materials.

What can I expect to earn?

Full-time cleaners can start at around £12,000 a year. Earnings are higher for supervisors and specialist cleaners. Part-time cleaners are usually paid by the hour.

Figures are supplied by the National Careers Service and are intended as a guideline only.

How can HTP Apprenticeship College help me get a job in the Cleaning Services sector?

You do not need any formal qualifications to be a cleaner but you will need to be able to show employers that you are reliable and able to do the job.

HTP Apprenticeship College offers two great ways to start your career:

  • Traineeships, where you undertake work experience to make sure the industry is right for you


  • Apprenticeships where you will be earning and learning right from the start.

Thousands of young people have succeeded with an Apprenticeship through HTP Apprenticeship College. You could too!

Work with the best…
We’ve already placed young people like you with these and many other reputable organisations:

Get started today – your way

There are two great ways you can begin your career in Cleaning Services through HTP Apprenticeship College.
Choosing the right one for you depends on how ready you are to start work.

Get straight into work

Ready to start or progress your career in Cleaning Services? Why not earn while you learn and gain nationally-recognised qualifications with an HTP Apprenticeship. The first stage is usually an ‘Intermediate’ Apprenticeship which will give you an excellent grounding in the essential knowledge and skills required in this vital and rewarding industry.

Intermediate Apprenticeship

Get some experience first

Not sure if Cleaning Services is right for you? No problem. Try out working and gaining skills in a real business for 6 weeks–6 months and find out. If it isn’t right, we can help you find another one! A Traineeship is a great way to get work experience, gain skills and knowledge, and progress onto a full Apprenticeship or other employment.
This Traineeship

HTP Training works with a large number of employers who will offer a keen young person a chance to demonstrate their potential with a view to taking them on as an Apprentice. HTP will help find you the right potential employer for you and get you underway. When you are on work experience you may get some expenses towards things like travel and meals. On a Traineeship you will:

  • get a minimum of 6 weeks work experience
  • take part in classroom-based training at one of our training centres to help you prepare for work
  • have the chance to achieve maths and English qualifications (if you need to)
  • receive all the information, advice and guidance you need to get your career underway
After your Traineeship
After you have completed your Traineeship you will progress on to your Apprenticeship or into other employment.

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