Health and Safety

Maintaining your wellbeing and security during your Apprenticeship

At HTP Apprenticeship College, we take your health and safety seriously and work closely with employers to ensure a safe and supportive working environment. As an apprentice, you’re considered an employee with regards to Health and Safety matters.

What you can expect regarding workplace Health & Safety:
  • Commitment to a safe environment: We make sure that your employers provide a healthy and safe workplace. This includes regular checks and support on Health and Safety matters.
  • Off-Job Training safety: Your safety is also our priority during any off-the-job training. We maintain a safe and healthy environment for these sessions and continuously promote and monitor Health and Safety practices.
  • Health & Safety awareness training: You will receive training to heighten your awareness of potential risks in the workplace. This includes understanding your employer’s Health and Safety policies.
  • Incident response and prevention: In case of any accidents at work, we will investigate and work towards preventing future occurrences.


Your Employer’s responsibilities:
  • To adhere to all Health and Safety legislation.
  • To inform you about who in the company is responsible for Health and Safety.
  • To ensure you receive both initial and ongoing training in Health and Safety in your workplace.
  • To provide necessary protective equipment and clothing.
  • To report any accidents involving apprentices immediately.
  • To assess and manage risks in your workplace, ensuring you’re supervised by competent individuals.
  • To ensure you are covered under public and employer’s liability insurance.


Your Responsibilities as an apprentice:
  • To follow all Health and Safety policies and regulations.
  • To wear the required protective equipment and clothing.
  • To participate in Health and Safety training provided by your employer or us.
  • To report any Health and Safety concerns or suggestions for improvement to your supervisor or to us.

Remember, your health and safety are paramount. It’s important that you stay informed, equipped, and proactive about maintaining a safe working environment during your Apprenticeship.