Online Learning and Assessment

For HTP Apprentices

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Once you, your employer, and HTP Apprenticeship College have agreed on your programme of learning, you’ll receive your own username and password for MyHTP. This is your gateway to a wealth of learning resources tailored to your specific Apprenticeship programme.

Here’s what MyHTP offers you:
  • A rich virtual learning environment: MyHTP is HTP Apprenticeship College’s online platform that brings a variety of learning tools to your fingertips. You’ll find everything from informational files and work examples to tutorials, videos, quizzes, and case studies.
  • Tailored to your Apprenticeship: The content on MyHTP is specifically aligned with the requirements of your Apprenticeship programme, ensuring you have the right resources to support your learning and work.
  • Dynamic and interactive resources: The platform is designed to enhance your learning experience, providing interactive and engaging materials that complement your on-the-job training.
  • Easy Access to Learning Materials: With your personal login details, you can access these resources anytime and anywhere, helping you stay on track with your Apprenticeship programme.
  • Shared access with your employer: Your employer can also obtain access to MyHTP. This means they can view all the teaching, learning, and assessment resources you’ll be using, allowing them to support you effectively in your learning journey.
Make the most of MyHTP to enhance your learning experience during your Apprenticeship, as it’s a valuable tool for your personal and professional development.