Your Apprenticeship Coach

What you need to know

Your Shared Journey

Welcome to your Apprenticeship! As you begin, you’ll be paired with a dedicated HTP Apprenticeship Coach. This expert will be your main support throughout your training journey, helping you navigate through the Apprenticeship Standard.

Here’s what you can expect from your Apprenticeship Coach:
  • Regular meetings: Your Apprenticeship Coach will meet with you frequently, either at your workplace or at one of HTP’s Campuses. These meetings are crucial for planning and conducting the training you need.
  • Goal setting and support: Together with your Apprenticeship Coach, you’ll set and work towards achieving your goals and objectives. They will help you stay on track and complete your Apprenticeship in a timely manner.
  • Tracking your progress: During your regular progress meetings, your Apprenticeship Coach will help you document the skills and knowledge you’ve acquired. These details will be recorded in your online Individual Learning Plan (ILP).
  • Open communication: If you face any challenges during your training, you can openly discuss them with your Apprenticeship Coach. Whether it’s during reviews, training sessions, or through online platforms, phone, email, or text, they’re there to assist you. 
  • Access to additional resources and materials: For more detailed information specific to your Apprenticeship type, you can always reach out to your Apprenticeship Coach, as well as access your MyHTP e-Portfolio.


Remember, your Apprenticeship Coach is there to support you from the very start, right through to the completion of your Apprenticeship. They’re not just qualified professionals in their subject areas, but also skilled mentors committed to guiding you every step of the way.