Here you’ll find out the basics and more in-depth information about recruitment, together with starting and managing your apprentice’s training programme.

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At HTP Apprenticeship College we recognise that recruiting and training staff to meet your business needs is of paramount importance.

Work-based training aims to develop an individual’s knowledge, skills and behaviours within the workplace environment and helps them to gain nationally recognised qualifications. It presents a real opportunity for people of all ages to continue their learning and progress their career outside full-time further and higher education.

Whether you are recruiting an apprentice, training your existing employees, taking a young person on a Traineeship, or offering a work placement opportunity, we hope the Employer Hub will give you all the information you need.

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What they are. How they work, and how to create an Apprenticeships Service account.

Recruitment and Selection

How we help you find the right person for your business.

Health and Safety

Working together to ensure safety and best practice in the workplace.

Personal Development

Assessing skills and aims, and planning to reach your Apprentice’s full potential.

Respecting Difference

Nurturing an environment of equality, understanding and mutual respect.

Grievance Procedures

Fostering transparency and building trust in conflict resolution.

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At HTP Apprenticeship College we are committed to improving the service we offer you. We believe that the best way to judge whether the training and services we provide meet the needs of our learners and employers is to involve them at every stage of the training programme.

There are many ways in which we do this – for example holding regular meetings with you and each of your learners throughout the length of their training programme when you are able to discuss any concerns or emerging needs.

You can also provide feedback via your Apprenticeship Service Account. Simply login and complete the survey.

We welcome input from all learners, employers or anyone who has an interest in HTP Apprenticeship College and the services we provide.

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