Including Online Safety and Safeguarding

HTP Apprenticeship College has a positive commitment to promoting excellent Health & Safety practice in the workplace and share this commitment with employers. HTP also takes seriously the responsibility to safeguard and promote the welfare of all learners.

Health and Safety

Learners placed with you, whether employed or non-employed status, are regarded as employees for the purposes of Health & Safety.

HTP Apprenticeship College’s role is to:
  • Use competent staff to verify that you provide a healthy, safe and supportive learning environment
  • Assist you on matters of Health & Safety requirements and the application to individual learners
  • Provide a safe and healthy working environment for learners at all times during off-job training
  • Monitor Health and Safety practices on an ongoing basis
  • Provide Health & Safety training for learners to raise their awareness of risk
  • Check learners’ understanding of Health & Safety risk awareness
  • Investigate any accidents involving learners within the workplace and agree preventative action


You can access HTP Apprenticeship College’s Health and Safety Policy here.

Your role as the Employer is to:
  • Ensure the health, safety and welfare of learners and bring your policy statement to their attention
  • Comply with Health & Safety legislation
  • Inform the learner about who is responsible for Health & Safety matters within the company
  • Provide initial and ongoing Health & Safety training in the workplace for learners
  • Provide necessary protective equipment and clothing
  • Report any accidents involving learners immediately to us
  • Assess the risks to which learners are exposed at work and apply the general principles of prevention
  • Introduce and maintain appropriate measures to eliminate or control risks to the lowest reasonable practicable level
  • Ensure learners are properly supervised by a competent person
  • Ensure that learners are covered under public and employer’s liability insurance


E-Safety and Cyberbullying​​​​​​​


Whilst we recognise the benefits and opportunities technology offers, we are aware of potential risks and challenges associated with its use. Our approach is to provide appropriate security measures, training and guidance to enable users to identify and manage risks independently and with confidence.

All learners, employers and staff are required to adhere to the HTP Apprenticeship College IT and Data Protection Policy. We encourage all employers to read this.

If you have any concerns regarding our online support or resources please report these immediately to your HTP Apprenticeship College Training Consultant who will act to prevent, as far as possible, any harm or further harm occurring.


All learners will be made aware that whether online or offline, communications should be courteous and respectful at all times. Content posted can easily be misunderstood by others and taken out of context and learners must therefore ‘think before they post’. Cyberbullying includes things such as inappropriate text messages or emails, or setting up a hate group on social media.

If you have any concerns regarding cyberbullying or harassment please report these immediately to your HTP Apprenticeship College Training Consultant. Any reported incidents will be treated seriously. Where conduct is found to be unacceptable, HTP Apprenticeship College will deal with the matter internally. Where conduct is thought to be illegal, the matter will be reported to the police.

If you would like further information on e-safety please contact Peter Johnson, one of our Designated Safeguarding Persons, on 01983 533926 or email [email protected]



All HTP Apprenticeship College staff have a duty to provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment that promotes social, physical and moral development. We support development of learners in ways that foster security, confidence and independence.

We work with other agencies, such as the Local Safeguarding Children’s Board, to ensure adequate arrangements are in place to support young people and vulnerable adults who are at risk of harm.

HTP Apprenticeship College is fully committed to supporting the Government’s Prevent Strategy, which aims to prevent people becoming terrorists or supporting violent extremism. All HTP Staff receive training on preventing extremism to ensure they are able to protect people who may be susceptible to radicalisation or violent extremism.

Learner welfare is our paramount concern. If you have any concerns about a learner you should contact their Training Consultant by telephone, email or text. They will refer your concerns to one of our Designated Safeguarding Persons.

Here you can access HTP Apprenticeship College’s Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy and Safeguarding Policy We encourage all employers to read these.