What you need to know

The recruitment and selection services offered by HTP Apprenticeship College aim to attract and select learners who are matched to the work and training opportunities you are able to offer.

Having discussed your specific needs we will advertise, free of charge, your vacancy on the National Apprenticeship Service website. This will enable your requirements to be compared to the skills, experience and aspirations of potential learners. Our experienced team will then shortlist individuals who we feel are most suited to the position you are offering. Alternatively, you may wish to undertake your own recruitment activities. As the employer the final decision regarding selection will be yours.

Once you have made your final decision the learner will start with you as and employed status Apprentice or, under certain circumstances, commence a work trial on the Traineeship programme. A member of staff from HTP Apprenticeship College will discuss the benefits of these options with you.

HTP Apprenticeship College’s role is to:
  • Produce informative promotional material to attract suitable candidates
  • Advertise your vacancy, free of charge, on the government’s Recruit an Apprentice website
  • Link with external organisations to attract as many suitable candidates as possible, including those who may be currently under-represented in your workforce
  • Use effective and fair selection methods
  • Refer suitable candidates to you for interview
  • Advise you on selection methods and assist with interviewing if required
  • Discuss the benefits with you of employed and non-employed status learners


Your role as the Employer is to:
  • Advise us on the types of positions you are seeking to fill and the characteristics which potential learners will require
  • Interview a number of applicants and keep us informed of the outcome
  • Take action to consider applicants from under-represented groups
  • Give applicants accurate information about the work which they will be doing and the training you will provide
  • Treat all candidates fairly and consistently during the selection process
  • Advise us of any existing employees whom you would like to undertake training