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Ella Morris
Ella Morris, HTP Higher Apprenticeship graduate
Ella Morris, HTP Higher Apprentice

“I loved doing my Apprenticeship. I just love learning. I think we learn every day but if you can get a qualification that documents your learning and your progress, I think that’s amazing and the possibilities really can be endless.”


Ella Morris works at Vestas on the Isle of Wight, where she studied for her Learning and Development Consultant Level 5 Apprenticeship. Ella’s role as Training Partner includes the management of all on-site training for staff at Vestas’ Newport and Fawley bases. As a training professional looking to progress her career, whilst working for an organisation that invests in staff development, Ella was a perfect fit for an Apprenticeship.

“Training and development for me is everything that I’m passionate about to be honest. I’ve always been in training and I feel Vestas really encapsulates that commitment to staff development. Gaining my Apprenticeship qualification has been a real boost for me personally because it’s given me confidence in my role. It also provided me with a wider overview of my role and learning the theorists and models have cemented my understanding and helped me to work better operationally.”

Ella’s Level 5 qualification is part of her long-term personal development. With a degree in Business and a Level 4 qualification in Education, her recent Apprenticeship has built on her education history and continued her academic progress, supported by Vestas.

“I hadn’t actually studied since my degree, so I had to make sure that I was doing the referencing effectively and I also had to make sure that I was meeting the objectives that were being set by my training consultant. To be honest I had to learn how to write effectively again. I enjoyed being challenged and I was really pleased with the work that I submitted and the feedback that I received. The support from HTP was fantastic. My training consultant was with me whenever I needed her.”

Ella’s role as Training Partner and as mentor to the training team means she is no stranger to the positive impact that an Apprenticeship can have on the business as well as the individual. Her success is just one of many at Vestas.

“I’m definitely more confident now. I was a training coordinator when I started on the Level 5 Apprenticeship so completing my qualification helped me as I transitioned into my role as Training Partner.”

“At Vestas we work hard to support personal development. As soon as you move into a role such as a process coordinator or group lead, we have a qualification to supports that position. Feedback from our operatives shows they find that really beneficial and they know that as a company we will invest in them and we will watch them grow and support that. We’re making sure that they have the skills and knowledge they need to do their job, which is really important especially in the manufacturing business.”

“I think when you when you complete an apprenticeship and you work full-time, with a busy home life, it’s a real achievement. It’s great to be able to study on-the-job and personally I’m really proud of my Apprenticeship. I can’t wait to see what’s next.”

Ella’s Apprenticeship:

Level 5 Learning and Development Consultant

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