Meet the Team: Tim Corbett

Tim Corbett – Training Consultant at HTP Apprenticeship College

“I love kayaking and mountain biking in my own time as well as when I’m teaching. I get to do my hobby at work!”

What inspires you?

I’ve always been your typical sporty person. I was always playing football and team sports and then when I moved to the Island I couldn’t wait to get out on the water. I’m really passionate about kayaking and in my own time I go sea kayaking or surf kayaking which I really enjoy. If the conditions aren’t right for either of those then I’ll go mountain biking through the forest on my own and really appreciate things that way, or I’ll go for a walk. Those moments inspire me and I then get to then share those experiences with the students.

How did you come to be teaching Outdoor Pursuits with HTP?

I’ve always been working outdoors, teaching people new skills. In the early 2000s I became an outdoors instructor at a school trip and educational travel provider. I was working with children and families on residential holidays, helping them to enjoy all sorts of different experiences. Now I’m working at HTP I’m helping young people to learn skills that will build their careers so it’s very fulfilling.

What’s the best thing about your role?

There’s no such thing as a typical day. In the warmer months we’re on the water, and during the cooler months we’ll be hiking or mountain biking so there’s a huge variety.

Helping young people to build their confidence is really rewarding. We have a lot of fun, doing things that I really love. It’s a dream job really because I get to do my hobbies when I’m at work!

What will students take away from this programme?

They will learn a huge amount of transferable skills that will be very valuable in their next job. They will learn to be more confident, working in a team and with great communication skills. They will also learn how to stay safe and look after each other. It’s a very personal journey, where you can discover and push your own limits. This course is genuinely inspiring, and particularly after life under lockdown, getting outside and taking in the natural world is highly beneficial for our mental health and our personal sense of well-being.

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