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Our Subcontracting / Partnership working principles

As detailed in our Supply Chain Fees and Charging Policy 2023-25, HTP Apprenticeship College (HTP) has recognised that, in the past, to grow its business in terms of sectors delivered and geographical areas covered it may have been cost effective and beneficial to engage subcontractor partners to deliver certain aspects of its provision.

However, with effect from 1st August 2019 HTP has only worked with existing partners who are also employers and predominantly delivering to their own staff, or with partners that employers request, if they are deemed suitable following the HTP due diligence process. HTP’s aim has been to increase opportunities for learners to work with employers, particularly on Apprenticeship programmes.

From August 2021, HTP has reduced its subcontracting arrangements and has not and will not be looking to enter into any new subcontracting arrangements with any partners.

HTP has not considered subcontracting to providers in the following circumstances:

  • If the delivery could be efficiently delivered by existing HTP staff.
  • If the proposed delivery was in conflict with any of HTP’s existing or planned Apprenticeship delivery sectors or geographical regions.
  • If a subcontractor was purely focused on financial reward.
  • If the number of Apprentices was expected to be significant.
  • If the subcontractor was not on the approved register of providers.
  • If the proposed subcontractor had current Ofsted grades below ‘Good’ in the areas to be delivered, or had an ‘inadequate’ or ‘requires improvement’ Leadership and Management grade.
  • If HTP had an ‘inadequate’ Leadership and Management grade prior to contracting.
  • If the subcontractor or HTP did not meet the minimum standards.
  • If the subcontractor did not complete the HTP subcontracting due diligence application process satisfactorily.

Our current subcontracting partners

Subcontractor Information:

HTP Apprenticeship College has been working with Portsmouth Hospitals University NHS Trust since 2011 when they made the strategic decision to introduce more Apprenticeships into employment at the Trust. In 2013 our partnership developed further when the Trust transferred the Pathology and Pharmacy NVQs into the Apprenticeship programme, using the Healthcare Support Services Apprenticeship route.

This partnership sees the Trust delivering the occupational elements of the Apprenticeship with HTP Apprenticeship College managing the Functional Skills aspects and having the overall responsibility for quality and finance.

Our Supply Chain Fees and Charging Policy 2023-25

HTP charges for working with subcontractors and partners, and the services that HTP provides within these charges are as follows:

Managing the Subcontractor

Cost (%)£900 Set-up or renewal cost per annum and then 10% of funding drawn down, allocated from Levy pots, the Digital Apprenticeship Service, or where required from employer contributions.
This will enable HTP to allocate sufficient resources, including senior management staff time and travel costs to enable this support to be ongoing throughout the length of the contract.
Activities included by HTPHow each cost contributes to delivering high-quality learning
Co-ordination of contact activities including Due DiligenceHTP undertakes a detailed Due Diligence process in the form of interviews and a questionnaire to be completed by the prospective partner with required accompanying evidence. HTP will not contract with a partner where a conflict of interests could take place, where quality is not at the required level, where systems are not sufficiently in place or where there are concerns financially. Working with the right partner who has similar quality aspirations and, is financially stable to ensure that learners receive suitable support and training is paramount to HTP, along with the confidence that the partner is able to commit fully to the learner's development.
A comprehensive Due Diligence process is also required by the ESFA.
Write and issue contracts in line with ESFA requirements and tailored to individual Subcontractors and the provision deliveredDetailed contracts are required by the Government, but also need to include all the aspirations that HTP has as a good / outstanding provider, as well as very detailed criteria relating to the training, targets and quality to enable effective management of programmes by HTP with the partner organisation. All partners are targeted with an 80% success rate. Failure to achieve this could result in a reduction to, or loss of, future contracts.
Negotiating and issuing of contract variations as and when requiredSupport with the ongoing management of training using the expertise of HTP and its senior management or contracting teams which have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality training provision will:
• aid the quality of delivery by partner organisations
• aid delivery against targets through performance management
• maximise the contract.

HTP is able to reduce funding where it is not being used or the quality of training requires the reduction or ceasing of new starts, or reward good delivery if additional funds can be made available, enabling additional learners to access a quality programme. HTP is also able to ensure that ESFA requirements are being met and any changes to ESFA rules or aspirations are implemented in a timely manner.
Regular contract meetings enable detailed review of programmes and individual learners. HTP will organise, chair and minute such meetings at least quarterly (usually more often).
Ongoing Management of the Subcontractor in line with ESFA requirements
Organise, attend and minute regular Contract Review meetings (bi- or tri-monthly)
Providing financial reports (PFRs) on a monthly basis and managing funding in line with the Maximum Contract Value (MCV) contained within the ContractHTP will provide financial reports on a monthly basis, detailing funding and the proportion of which that is to be paid to the subcontractor partner. HTP will then be able to agree prompt payment to partners enabling them to have continuity of delivery and financial stability, all of which aids the ongoing quality of delivery.
Arranging invoicing and payment in line with contractual obligations
HR advice and support, particularly with regard to trainingHTP has a wealth of experience in HR management and is able to advise learners, employers and partners on many aspects to ensure compliance with the law. Additional services and advice like this lead to a stronger relationship with stakeholders and prompt resolution of any issues, leading to better retention of learners and understanding of training by employers.
Support with Apprenticeship register applications or the equivalent system in the future.HTP is able to develop partners to be standalone high quality providers who aspire to be Outstanding. HTP will help implement processes and procedures and will help with any applications to the Apprenticeship Register or an equivalent system in the future, thus enabling the partner to develop their own training delivery in the future at a high quality level.

Quality Monitoring & Development

Cost (%)5% of funding drawn down, allocated from Levy pots, the Digital Apprenticeship Service, or where required from employer contributions to enable HTP to allocate sufficient resources, including staff time and travel costs to enable this support to be ongoing throughout the length of the contract.
Activities included by HTPHow each cost contributes to delivering high-quality learning
Provide funding paperwork and guidance (and training where required)HTP will ensure that it provides paperwork and process guidance to partners to ensure compliance with ESFA requirements and clarity for partners and learners, aiding the sign up and processing of paperwork.
Carry out regular observations of teaching and learning in line with existing HTP policies and proceduresHTP has a very robust process for observing teaching and learning. All subcontractor partners are subject to this process and are required to agree in principle to a series of observations before the signing of the contract. HTP will share good practice, support the training of the partner's staff and make recommendations or impose sanctions where teaching and learning is not at the required standard. HTP is a Grade 2 ('Good') provider and expects all partner organisations to respect and support HTP’s aspirations to remain so or improve, with particular emphasis on the quality of teaching, learning and assessment.
Development of partner’s training staffVia the HTP Observation process, areas for development are identified and HTP will work with partners to develop the skills of trainers to be a minimum of Grade 2 ('Good') to ensure the quality of training delivery. This will be done via a number of potential methods:
• Use of formal qualifications
• Use of good practice
• Standardisation meetings
• Mentoring / Shadowing.
Arrange for annual External Quality Assurance of HTP by an appropriate organisation which will include a report and a certificate of complianceHTP will arrange for an external organisation to assure the quality of its subcontracting on an annual basis (if required to do so by the ESFA). Compliance with the required ESFA processes is essential.
Assessment of prior learning to ensure appropriate use of fundingTo ensure efficient and accurate use of funding, HTP will look at the prior learning of all learners and adjust funding or programmes of learning to ensure the appropriate teaching of new skills is taking place, not the accreditation of existing skills, thus aiding learner development whilst on programme.
Co-ordinate EPA activities for those learners undertaking Apprenticeship Standards, including readiness meetings, sending packs to EPAOs, planning meetings etc.
Co-ordinate, contact with and pay EPAOs.
The EPA process for those Apprentices undertaking Standards will be co-ordinated by HTP. HTP, learners, employers and partners will all be involved in certain aspects of the process and HTP’s co-ordination will ensure that learners are supported and fully aware of what is required.

Data Input / Management & Audit

Cost (%)5% of funding drawn down, allocated from Levy pots, the Digital Apprenticeship Service, or where required from employer contributions to cover staff time and travel and a contribution towards HTP systems infrastructure.
Activities included by HTPHow each cost contributes to delivering high-quality learning
After receipt of relevant funding paperwork, HTP will input all data to be uploaded to the ESFA via PICS or a similar system.Ongoing data management using HTPs data team and resources to take responsibility for upload to ESFA online data collection sites. This will include the production of financial information, invoicing details, year-to-date earnings and actual performance against agreed targets – both in terms of learner numbers and funding drawdown.
Partners who do not have to concern themselves with the majority of the data management of Apprenticeship programmes will be able to dedicate more time and staffing to delivery of training.
Undertake regular audit of processes and paperwork in line with funding and audit guidance, and provide feedback and reports on this.HTP will ensure that processes are working efficiently and that all paperwork is completed in line with Government guidance. Once again this will enable partner organisations to focus on training delivery.
Invoice employers for employer contributions towards training and collect payments.Prompt invoicing and payment systems in place will support the continuity of training.
Or support and/or co-ordinate Employer's Digital Account activities.Appropriate support with Digital Account activities will ensure that learners can access timely training and that employers are fully aware of costs and Digital Account balances at all times, allowing for good utilisation of Levy funds for employee development.
Provide financial reports and in-learning lists on a monthly basis and reports on success, timeliness, EDIMS.HTP will provide partners with a whole raft of reports that will highlight aspects of delivery and achievement and make up of learner cohorts, amongst other aspects. These will be used by HTP to manage provision and highlight areas for development along with the partner’s organisation.
Management fees will be clear and transparent in all cases.

Recruitment Services

Cost (%)Free in most cases, otherwise price on negotiation
Activities included by HTPHow each cost contributes to delivering high-quality learning
Support recruitment of learners including advertising, shortlisting, joint interviews and where required supporting the induction process of learners – particularly in relation to Apprenticeships.HTP has very experienced and qualified staff to carry out IAG activities. By supporting the recruitment process with employers, HTP is able to introduce existing and potential new staff to Apprenticeships and match existing skills, aspirations and employer needs to the various levels of Apprenticeships. Skills scans ensure that apprentices will be developing new skills and where these skills scans and prior learning analysis show high levels of existing skills and experience, either funding will be adjusted to take this into account or apprentices will be offered different programmes or levels. This ensures appropriate use of funding, that learners are fully aware of what will be required, and that they are matched to suitable vacancies or programmes, leading to better retention and achievement.

Training Delivery

Cost (%)A percentage of the funding in line with the amount of training delivered by HTP. Agreed delivery and associated percentages to be detailed in contracts.
Activities included by HTPHow each cost contributes to delivering high-quality learning
Deliver certain aspects of the Apprenticeship programme and these will not be limited to a brief input at the start of the programme.
These will include:
• Class training of main programme
• Remote online training of main programme
• On-site training delivery
• Progress reviews
• Maths and English delivery
• Online EDI or Safeguarding courses.
All apprentices are on an HTP Apprenticeship programme and therefore HTP will deliver some of each learner’s programme, unless there are exceptional circumstances that can be justified in line with Government guidelines.

HTP’s quality of delivery is very high and has been for a number of years. In its last Ofsted Inspection HTP was graded as 'Good' and success rates on the majority of programmes are significantly above national averages.

For more specific details on HTP Apprenticeship College’s approach to subcontracting – its costs, procedures and expectations, please contact Malcolm Randall via email: [email protected].

However, please be reminded that HTP is no longer actively seeking partnership opportunities.

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In the meantime please refer all contact and visits to our Riverbank Campus in Little London, Newport PO30 5BS.

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Apologies for any inconvenience caused while this work is being carried out.

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