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Boost your business by taking on a trainee. We’re working with employers to offer places to 16-24* year-olds, with training packages specifically tailored to your business needs. And – you don't have to pay wages.
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  • What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?
  • Who can do a Pre-Apprenticeship?
  • What sort of qualifications can Trainees achieve?
  • What commitment does my business have to make?
  • Do I have to pay the trainee?
  • How can a Pre-Apprenticeship help my business?
  • What happens at the end of the Pre-Apprenticeship?

  Employers across a wide range of sectors including hospitality, tourism, care, retail, the public sector and many others are signing up to give young people the opportunity to upskill or start a fresh career.

Taking on a Pre-Apprenticeship trainee can help your business to evolve, by investing in a potential future member of staff. HTP works with you to build a training programme bespoke to the way that your business operates, delivering valuable skills to help your business to grow.

Our new programme is part of the government’s campaign to triple the scale of Pre-Apprenticeships, ensuring more young people have access to high quality training.

  • Businesses will play an active role in the recruitment
  • Highly flexible bespoke learning
  • Valuable skills on offer, including Food Hygiene and Health and Safety
  • Low risk, with training funded by HTP
  • No requirement to pay wages
  • Trainees can progress to employment or Apprenticeships
  • Develop and effectively recruit new staff
  • Be part of a programme that’s boosting the economy and jobs

By taking on a trainee you’ll be offering a young person the opportunity to train or retrain – learning skills and experience in your sector and your workplace. The Pre-Apprenticeship is the fast track to an Apprenticeship or further training – it could also be a highly efficient way of developing a new member of your team.

 What is a Pre-Apprenticeship?

A Pre-Apprenticeship is an education and training programme that prepares young people for employment, providing work experience that will help them to progress to an Apprenticeship or other sustainable jobs.

The ‘real world’ workplace experience helps young people to develop the skills, knowledge, confidence, attitudes and behaviours they need to succeed at work. It is intended that our Pre-Apprenticeships will lead directly to full-time employment on an Apprenticeship.

 Who can do a Pre-Apprenticeship?

Pre-Apprenticeships are available for 16-24 year-olds to upskill or retrain for a new career. If the young person already has qualifications up to Level 3 (A Levels or BTEC), they can still undertake a Pre-Apprenticeship.

 What sort of qualifications can trainees achieve?

Each Pre-Apprenticeship is different, although the qualifications will typically be Level 1 or 2 Awards or Certificates, along with GCSE Maths and/or English if required. The programme will be devised to suit your business training needs, potentially including valuable training in areas like Food Hygiene, Induction and Health and Safety.

 What commitment does my business have to make?

Pre-Apprenticeships are designed to be “light touch” for businesses. The government wants to encourage young people to get back in to work and we will work with you each step of the way, to make sure that the individual fits your organisation. Your business commits to offer work experience to the young person and support their training for the duration of the Pre-Apprenticeship.

There’s no commitment to employ the trainee at the end of the programme, although our strong track record in this area means that we’re confident that the vast majority of the trainees will move to an Apprenticeship or further learning.

 Do I have to pay the trainee?

There’s no requirement to pay wages because the programme is classed as full-time education. We do recommend that employers pay a bursary or training allowance, as well as covering expenses such as travel and lunch. HTP pays for all of the training costs.

 How can a Pre-Apprenticeship help my business?

A Pre-Apprenticeship is a genuine opportunity for you to recruit a keen young person with fresh ideas who wants to learn from you. We work with you to create a role that can help your business to fill training gaps. We’re supporting employers who are reshaping their businesses and their teams as they adapt to the impact of the pandemic. By taking on young people who are being funded to learn new skills, you can develop your team without taking a risk. In many ways a Pre-Apprenticeship is like a “long job interview”.

 What happens at the end of the Pre-Apprenticeship?

Pre-Apprenticeships are fast-moving and designed to fast track young people into an Apprenticeship or full-time job. Programmes typically last a few months, although they can vary between six weeks or up to a year.

When the programme is completed, your young person will ideally continue their training with an Apprenticeship. We can continue to work with you to support the young person and your business, potentially delivering further training.

Sounds good – what do I do next?

It’s easy – call us on 01983 533926 during business hours or email us, and you could have a trainee all signed up and ready to start in a matter of days!

You could join these great companies and organisations who are already welcoming applicants onto HTP Pre-Apprenticeship programmes. It’s a fantastic way to get young, enthusiastic help for your business or organisation – and help your community to get back to work.


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*Anyone with an Education Healthcare Plan  (EHCP) can be funded by the government on a Pre-Apprenticeship up to the age of 25.