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  • Who is a Pre-Apprenticeship for?
  • What subjects can I do a Pre-Apprenticeship in?
  • How long will my Pre-Apprenticeship programme take to complete?
  • How are Pre-Apprenticeships taught?
  • Will I get paid?
  • What are my progression opportunities?
  • Sounds good! – how do I apply?

Get ready to kick-start your career with our new Pre-Apprenticeship programme – a great way to get the skills and experience you need to progress to a full Apprenticeship. 

Learn from industry experienced tutors and get hands-on with real workplace experience. Sign up today to start in September.

  Who is a Pre-Apprenticeship for?

A Pre-Apprenticeship is for 16-18-year olds who want to get into the working world.

  What subjects can I do a Pre-Apprenticeship in?

We’re offering Pre-Apprenticeship programmes in:  Professional Cookery | Business  | Travel & TourismHealth and Social Care | Sport & Fitness Instructing | Horse Care & Riding | Childcare & Education

  How long will my Pre-Apprenticeship programme take to complete?

It depends on which programme you undertake and how ready for the working world you are – but on average they last between 6–26 weeks.

  How are Pre-Apprenticeships taught?

Like all of our programmes, you’ll spend time in workshops and learning at one of our campuses, as well as the opportunity to get some real work experience in a real company.

  Will I get paid?

You won’t get paid a salary whilst you’re completing your Pre-Apprenticeship, although we do encourage employers to assist with costs such as travel expenses and lunch. The good news is that your parent or carer can continue to claim child benefit whilst you complete your programme.

  What are my progression opportunities?

After you complete your Pre-Apprenticeship programme, we’ll help you find the perfect next step – whether that’s a full-time course to develop your knowledge and skills further, or straight onto a full Apprenticeship.

  Sounds good! – how do I apply?

It’s easy – simply complete our online ‘Tell us about you’ form, give us a call on 01983 533926 or email [email protected] and we’ll help you get started in no time at all.