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Senior Equine Groom Level 3 Apprenticeship

Programme Type: Apprenticeship
Availability: Isle of Wight only
Horse Care & Riding Learner

Is it for me?

If you want to take your next career step in the equine business and gain the knowledge and skills you need to coordinate the day to day care of horses in the workplace and implement effective systems relating to the running of a yard this apprenticeship is perfect for you.

Essential Information

Entry Requirements
No formal entry requirements
Course Length
18 months
Start Date
Set by the employer
Mainly in the workplace. Some knowledge sessions and testing may take place at one of our campuses.
Qualifications Achievable

Maths & English Level 2 if required


This Apprenticeship will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to look after a small to medium sized equine yard and supervise a diverse team of workers. You will gain the confidence to provide advice, support and guidance to your team and develop the appropriate people skills necessary for this sector.
What will I learn during the programme?

Through your Apprenticeship you will acquire a sound base of experience and knowledge to enable you to promote the horses’ physical and psychological well-being within a safe working environment. You will develop knowledge of horse anatomy & physiology and the ability to assess health and recognise and treat common minor injuries and ailments. You will also learn how to groom, plait and clip horses and by successfully completing the apprenticeship, may have the opportunity to travel nationally and internationally, preparing and caring for horses at competitions, the races, sales, shows and other public appearances. As well as developing a core set of skills you can choose develop your knowledge relevant to either a riding or a non-riding role.

What will I learn if I choose the riding option?

The riding option gives you the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the preparation and maintenance of saddlery and equipment, develop your theory and knowledge relating to the principles of training, exercise to maintain fitness and how to school horses. You will learn how to ride a variety of exercises over ground poles and where practical over a course of show jumps and cross country fences and much more.

What will I learn if I choose the non-riding option?

If you choose the non-riding route you will learn how to prepare horses for work and competition, coordinate and supervise maintenance programmes and monitor the choice and quality of supplies and suppliers. You will also gain the skills you need to promote the business through advertising, social media and the internet as well as plan, organise and implement a variety of events or activities plus much more.

How will I be assessed?

Throughout your programme you will work with your HTP Training Consultant who will provide continuous assessment and feedback to ensure you are ready to achieve your Apprenticeship standard. Once you have completed training you will demonstrate what you have learnt through a multiple choice test, practical observation and professional discussion based on the portfolio of work you will have built during your Apprenticeship.

What advice and guidance can I expect to receive?

From the time you contact us, during training, and after you complete your programme, our experienced staff are on hand to provide you with the help and advice you need to achieve your career aspirations. More information about the Careers Programme we offer can be found on our Support Page or contact one of our Recruitment and Careers Advisors using our Contact Form or by calling 01983 533926.

Need to go deeper into the details of this Apprenticeship?

Full, up-to-date details of this Apprenticeship can be found on the Institute for Apprenticeships website here:

What can I do after this Apprenticeship?

Following successful completion of your apprenticeships you can progress onto a Team Leading/Supervisor Advanced Apprenticeship or the Operations/Departmental Manager Higher Apprenticeship
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