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HTP – The Professionals’ Choice: Ella Morris

“I loved doing my Apprenticeship. I just love learning. I think we learn every day but if you can get a qualification that documents your learning...

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Bakery Trainees

Hospitality & Tourism: Beat Staff Shortages With Apprenticeships

Can’t get the staff? It’s time to look at Apprenticeships. It’s been a tough time for the hospitality sector.

Take on an Apprentice and receive up to £4,000

Chancellor extends commitment to Apprenticeships with employer bonus – if you act now.

Rachael Potter HTP Professional Cookery Tutor

Meet the Tutors: Rachael Potter

“As long as you’ve got the interest and the passion, we can teach you the techniques.”

Fran Clayden – Sport & Fitness Instructor at HTP Apprenticeship College

Meet the Tutors: Fran Clayden

“My students are great. They want to be here and they’re passionate about fitness.”

Time for a change? Let’s get to work

Are you having second thoughts about your career decisions after GCSEs or A levels? You’ve still got time. Getting your career started can feel a little intimidating. You’re taking your first steps, away from school, into a new world. What do you want to do? What are...

Outdoor Pursuits: Real life skills for practical learners

Explore a new direction and discover new levels of confidence with this one-year course. Take a break from traditional education and gain a qualification rooted in the real world and the natural environment. “You’re going to learn and you’re going to have fun,” says...

You’ve still got time. You don’t need to have all the answers yet

Whatever your results this year, you can still get your career started by trying something new.

Tim Corbett – Training Consultant at HTP Apprenticeship College

Meet the Team: Tim Corbett

“There’s no such thing as a typical day. In the warmer months we’re on the water, and during the cooler months we’ll be hiking or mountain biking so there’s a huge variety.”

Young man working in front of computer 1080

It’s time to bust some myths about Apprenticeships

The world has changed – and so have training options. Apprenticeships really work, for businesses and young people.

Meet the Tutors: Ian Bell

“I know what it’s like to think “what do I do next?”