HTP Apprenticeship College Campuses at The Old Grammar School and Riverbank are open.
COVID protocols/restrictions remain in place, particularly at Riverbank Campus at this time.

Full-time learners

HTP Still expects staff and learners using Riverbank Campus to wear face coverings in communal areas. It is also expected, in line with government guidance, that learners and staff wear face coverings in a classroom environment until 26th January 2022. In all cases classrooms should be well ventilated wherever possible and cleaned regularly. Learners will not be denied access to learning and staff will not be denied the ability to work in a classroom environment if they choose not to wear a face covering as long as they respect and adhere to all other centre rules.


Apprenticeships continue as close to normal as possible. Off-the-Job training sessions will be in place whether these be remote or on-campus at HTP. Visits to the workplace by HTP staff will be allowed in line with employers protocols and approval.

On-site testing at HTP campuses are unaffected but visitors should please adhere to the rules of that campus.

Staff and learners working at or visiting The Old Grammar School Campus will have the choice to wear face coverings in all environments but the use of face coverings in any setting on site is not compulsory at this time.

The new Portsmouth Campus is due to open in February 2022 and we will update accordingly prior to opening.


We advise all visitors to make an appointment before visiting campuses.

If you have any queries regarding your workplace or training arrangements, please speak to your Training Consultant.

Please call:
Riverbank Campus: 01983 824930
The Old Grammar School Campus: 01983 533926