Traineeships have changed: why businesses are taking on young people to kickstart the economy

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“…it’s a very flexible, light touch way of building a new role for your business”


You might think you already know what a Traineeship is, but in 2021, as we adapt to a post-pandemic world, I think you’ll find that taking on a trainee is a better deal than ever, for both a young person and your business.

Did you know that we devise a Traineeship role in partnership with you to suit the needs of your business, before we recruit the young person? We then pay for their training, and you aren’t required to pay them wages. You’ll also be investing in a potential future member of staff, who is learning how to do business your way.

Real jobs for a new generation

Traineeships are a crucial part of the Chancellor’s Plan For Jobs and the government is supporting businesses to help upskill and retrain young people aged 16-24. HTP is delivering our Traineeship programme in partnership with employers who are offering real jobs and real opportunities to the next generation of their staff.

Changing roles for changing times

It’s an exciting time for us all, forging new careers for talented young people as well as helping sectors like tourism and hospitality to recover from the impact of a year of disruption and lockdowns. For organisations that have been reshaped by redundancies, changed marketplaces and new regulations, the addition of a new keen, funded member of staff can make a real difference.

At HTP we’ve been delivering Apprenticeships for a long time. In that time I’m pleased that the language and the perceptions of an Apprenticeship have really changed. In the modern world an Apprenticeship is recognised as a real alternative to university, valued by employers and the starting point for many great careers.

I think Traineeships are now coming into their own, in much the same way. The response to our offer from businesses has been hugely positive. For young people, a Traineeship is the beginning of the route to a dream job, often leading on to an Apprenticeship.

A new way of working, for everyone

The key thing with a Traineeship is that it’s a very flexible, light touch way of building a new role for your business. Our team works with you, to tailor a learning package for the young person, that can include valuable skills including Food Hygiene and Health & Safety. We advertise the role and together we recruit a young person to fill that vacancy.

Once in post, we continue to support you and the young person in their role. It’s a huge opportunity for the Trainee and in many ways their placement is a “long job interview”, giving them the chance to impress and for your organisation to review progress. It won’t always work out, and that’s ok. Occasionally, at the end of a programme, a young person may decide that their future lies elsewhere. There’s also no commitment for your business to take on somebody who isn’t the right fit for you. It’s this degree of flexibility that makes a Traineeship so attractive to organisations in the current climate.


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